Mysterius Wunderings and Ramblings

I love to ramble.

I'm fairly average, but sometimes I'm remarkable.
acting, acting crazy, acting silly, aim, all american rejects, amusement parks, amusing words, animals, apples, atlanta, band, bands, being amused, being around people, being weird, books, california pizza kitchen, candy, cds, chamber, chatting, cherry coke, chocolate, chorus, computers, confessions, cute guys, dance dance revolution, dashboard confessional, dogs, drama, dreaming, email, fantasy, finding neverland, fire, fo shizzle, food, friends, girl scouts, good music, gryffindor, hanging out with friends, happy people, harry potter, having fun, ice cream, icons, ideas, in the end, internet, italian, italian food, j.k rowling, jaguars, jello, johnny depp, jokes, julia stiles, jumping on the bandwagon, junkfood, justin timberlake, kingdom hearts, laughing, linkin park, little shop of horrors, livejournal, lord of rings, lord of the rings, lotr, made-up languages, magnificent swinging kangaroos, marauders, money, movies, music, musical guys, musicals, new people, no school, orlando bloom, outkast, parks, parties, pasta, penguins, people, phantom of the opera, photography, pictures, pirates of the caribbean, pirates of the carribean, pit crew, pit orchestra, pizza, presents, puppies, r&b, reading, remus lupin, rock, roller blading, roller coasters, sarcasm, save the last dance, shizzlers, sims, singing, sirius black, sleep, sleeping, snow, soda, stuff, sugar, talking to friends, talking to people, tea, television, the marauders, theater, theatre, thin mints, thinking, treble, troy, truth, usher, video games, watching movies, watching tv, wierd voices, writing